Laura Nalbandian

    Laura is a second-generation astrologer, practicing and teaching astrology since 1986.  She started her studies with her mother, Maggie Nalbandian and moved on to study with Jeffrey Green from 1983-86.  She is one of the premier astrology teachers in the greater Seattle , Washington area and teaches 3-4 classes a week on a variety of levels.  Her focus with astrology is looking at the karmic and evolutionary patterns in the chart and helping her clients to deal with and overcome past life “issues.

     She is the co-owner/coordinator of NORW AC (The Northwest Astrological Conference), established in 1984. Her Mother began Astrology Et Al Bookstore, in 1975, which Laura managed from 1983-91. She is the past President of the Washington State Astrological Association and a founding board member of The Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences. She hosted her own talk show - Astrology Talk from 1998-99, and was a regular for 3 years on KJR Sports.  Laura has appeared numerous times on many radio talk shows and did online chats as MSN ’s Astrologer on “ MSN Live” and she had the honor of being chosen as the coordinator for U AC 2002 (United Astrology Conference).

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